I’ve been lucky enough to work with some truly wonderful people. Here are some nice things they say about me.


“We worked closely together for almost 9 months, I can say she’s warm and open, team oriented, dynamic and creative.”

Juanita Casas, Head of Voice123

“Juliana’s communication skills enriched the team. She is proactive, creative and was able to handle different projects simultaneously which is essential in the dynamic work environment of a startup.”

Margarita Yepes, Marketing Manager at VOIQ

Juliana is a critical thinker who always wants the best for every project she tackles. Not only does she want it, she’ll make it happen with her strong capacity for research and by communicating what needs to be done. She’s thoughtful, and has a knack for looking at challenging problems from a variety of angles. Finally, she’s great at motivating a team whether through encouraging words or witty animal GIFs that make your day. :)”

Katelyn Murray,  Former Administration & Development Director at LSPIRG

“Juliana is friendly, fun, and easy to work with. If you are looking for a confident Communications professional you will find it in Juliana Gomez.”

Scott Verhoeve, Director of Programs at Skills Ontario

“Juliana is an absolute gem.  She knows her ability and forges ahead with confidence in every task including #otherdutiesasassigned!  If you are looking for a team player and someone who understands the importance of community, Juliana is your communications professional.”

April Albano, Former Young Women’s Initiatives Coordinator at Skills Ontario

“Juliana was fantastic to work with! She not only contributed great ideas to keep us moving forward, but also suggested ways to implement them. She would make a great addition to any team.”

Brieanna Holm, Former Stewardship Coordinator at Skills Ontario

“Juliana was the most reliable Tweeter in the history of KWPS. She interacted with many local arts groups and individuals to get the word out about our events. She was a reliable team member and was very supportive in taking on tasks when needed.”

Janice Lee, Artistic Director and Co-Founder at KW Poetry Slam