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When I was in grade five, I won my class’ Student Council election on a platform of creating a student newspaper. Unfortunately that newspaper never saw the light of day but 12 years later, I finally worked on a newspaper – The Community Edition. Independent, uniquely local and built by dreamers, the CE writes about KW in a raw, edgy way that traditional media can’t.

I joined the team as their Social Media Coordinator in April 2014 and began contributing articles shortly after that. Later, I moved into the position of Online Editor to keep everything looking pretty through a re-design. Below you’ll find links to articles I’ve written for the CE – everything from punny letters to calls for mayoral action. Don’t forget to read my CBC byline!

Rising Musician: JoJo Worthington

“Her lyrics are thoughtful and deep, the kind that please when you really listen to each word. For example, I mistook “Grey Skies” for a cute, sappy love song until I really listened and found a beautiful story about unrequited love that is heartbreaking in its relatability.”

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The Community Edition is getting
a makeover

“They say sexy things come to those who wait, but sexy things also come to those who participate. When you’re flicking our pages and combing through our website, keep in mind that the CE is a place for your voice to be heard.”

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Home for the holidays: Experiencing the season in WR

“There’s nothing more satisfying than eating a turkey that lived its life so close to yours. If it weren’t on your plate, you two could reminisce about the awful storm of November 20 like old pals!”

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“In a region like Waterloo where residents are quick to lean on startup culture and the technology sector, Uber acts as a sort of case study for disruptive innovations and careful planning.”

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Waterloo Region votes: Ward profiles

“Election discussion is often shaped by the candidates and their platforms; the CCE is changing this. We sourced issues from citizens in every ward in Kitchener and Waterloo, helping us to shape the debate from the ground up.”

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Waterloo Region votes: Waterloo Ward 2 profile

“What once was vast farmland and space, Ward 2 now looks completely different. Along with new houses and developments, residents are starting to notice that the infrastructure that was planned isn’t keeping up with the growth as well as was expected.”

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Don’t put up a parking lot

“Architecture, the aforementioned clothing of the streets, matters beyond aesthetic. Those who find their passion in the designs of the buildings that surround them, explain that architecture is a result of good government and civil engagement.”

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25 ways to keep cool in Waterloo Region

“19. Go party on a train
Join the CCE and 300 of your closest friends in celebrating Steel Rail Sessions’ fifth anniversary with the best art, food, performances and drinks in the region.”

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Where’s the tech-savvy mayor for a tech savvy town?

“A successful election means that everyone, regardless of their commitment to municipal politics, has access to a candidate’s promises and experience.”

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10 Ideas to Change Waterloo Region

“At The Root working musician’s co-operative will bring musicians and their audiences together to ensure the vitality of Waterloo Region’s music scene. The collective will host shows, promote artists, share resources and provide educational opportunities to help musicians grow and thrive in this community.”

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