Social Media Accounts

Here’s the story of some social media accounts I’ve managed and what I’ve learned from them


KW Poetry Slam

KWPS is a series of community-building spoken word poetry events in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Lessons Learned: Managing social media for KWPS was my crash course in social media strategy. I learned to identify purpose and audiences and how to use that knowledge to create engaging content.

The Community Edition

To find out more about the CE and my work there, click here.

Lessons Learned: If KWPS was the crash course, the CE was wheels up. I learned how to foster conversations, researched the best social media management apps and practised driving traffic to our website.


Skills Ontario

To find out more about Skills Ontario and my work there, click here.

Lessons Learned: After wheels up, we play. I learned how to measure and analyze data, how to use graphics and video to engage audiences and I experimented with new social media campaigns and channels.


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