New year’s rezzos

It’s not uncommon for me to pour a parts of myself into my work, I’m still trying to find that balance between nothing at all and everything. One example of putting 100% of myself into a work project is a winter newsletter I wrote for Skills Ontario in 2015. I used to ghost write the Executive Director’s messages and this one came after a break up and a refreshing family vacation in Cuba. The follow is an excerpt, edited for length:

“This January, like many Januarys before, it’s as if the world takes a collective sigh and resets our internal clocks and expectations. Many of us make promises to ourselves and our loved ones that this will be the year that we; lose; gain; let go; take up; change. Still many others decide not to make New Year’s resolutions because it’s a lot of pressure. If this sounds like you, then this year, I challenge you to resolve to dream big.

It’s important to have measurable goals and reasonable expectations but we’ve gotten so caught up in playing it safe with our dreams. So this year, dream your wildest dreams and chase them exactly how you want to. Friends, this is the year that we resolve to live big and dream big.”


So every January since, I dream big despite the pressure or shame of failing. And when I fail, I get up and I dream another big dream and I keep going. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same.