How to make hard choices

“What makes a choice hard is the way the alternatives relate. In an easy choice, one alternative is better than the other. In a hard choice, one alternative is better in some ways, the other is better in other ways and neither is better than the other overall”

I’ve had to make a lot of hard choices this year. The way the world works, I saw this video after I’d made many of them – taking time off work, planning LiveLocalKW again, moving to Bogota, choosing between 2 jobs, finding a place to live – but it still resonates so much with me. All the choices that I made this year were for me and they’re paying off. I’m loving life in Bogota, my Spanish is getting better (and slangier) everyday, I’m part of a fantastic team at Voice123 and this is my view from my bed:


Of course, I miss my family and I miss walking Uptown in the middle of the night. I miss feminist potlucks, KW Poetry Slam and Snyder’s Flats. I miss reading The Community Edition (which by the way LiveLocalKW won best local ad campaign in Best of WR!) and plotting community improvement with my friends and neighbours.

But I’m happy here. Through hard choices I’m creating reasons for myself to become the distinctive person that I am. How cool is that?!

How to make hard choices