Life after LiveLocalKW

LiveLocalKW was motivating, heart-warming and fun. I met a bunch of people who agree that we’d be happier if we lived in a supportive community and I got to present it, and myself, in a genuine way. I’m so thankful to my family, friends and neighbours for supporting LiveLocalKW and by extension me. Find out what’s next for LiveLocalKW here.

So now that it’s over, what’s next for me?

I have a one-way ticket to Bogota, Colombia, my hometown… Or is Waterloo my hometown? It’s hard to tell so I’m going back to see what it’s like (#immigrantstruggles). I hope to find a job in Colombia and live life there for a little while so I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll be back in Canada but I’ll be back for sure.

Let’s keep in touch while I’m away – I’m on twitter @jgmz2!

Life after LiveLocalKW