When my family was immigrating to Canada, I happily told all my teachers that I’d probably never see them again and my mom was less than ecstatic to answer all their questions about our move. I learned that day to watch how much I reveal about myself.

With this in mind, I’m about to share something close to my heart that I haven’t written on the internet yet. A few weeks ago, I went into work to find out that my employment was terminated.

I did what I often do when I need new ideas – called my brother, called my mom and searched the internet. I found very little that soothed me, so in a real “turn lemons into lemonade” moment, I wrote the article that soothed me myself. And then I got it published.

The article was just posted on elephantjournal.com and you can read it here. My hope is that sharing my story will help others (and make it to the front page!) so please share widely. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for your support,